Surge & Lightning Protection Solutions

BusiCor Distributes Maintenance-Free, Superior Surge & Lightning Protection Devices


We distribute surge products that protect and support the world’s most valuable assets from power and lightning surges. Our suppliers manufacture advanced solutions for telecommunications, renewable energy, transportation, defence and other applications worldwide.

Conventional SPD’s & Strikesorb SPD’s
Conventional SPD’s
  1. When using these SPD’s you need to use them in conjunction with the relevant fuse.
  2. Once a surge or strike occurred the module blow’s any will defuse any surge depending on the class type used within about 20ns.
  3. If a surge was powerful & fast enough you could run the risk of letting through voltage to your most critical components.
  4. These products can only be warranted against manufactured defects as they are made to blow to disengage the contact feeding the voltage to your equipment.
Our Solution: Strikesorb SPD’s
  1. No fuse required
  2. Once a surge or strike occurred the Strikesorb SPD’s will defuse class 1 & class 2 surges / strikes within 1ns
  3. No let-through voltage and clamps continues over-volt at 275v
  4. Warranted against 250 direct lighting strikes, with its own 10 year warranty
  5. Guaranteed to protect your equipment without replacing the module, maintenance free