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Intelligent Surveillance & Access Control

Surveillance features and access control solutions have gone smart. With multiple surveillance and access control solutions, your business or home can be equipped with dynamically smart security solutions. 

Power Your CCTV Application with Smart Video Analytics Technology

Our Video Analytics Software Solutions Offer Comprehensive Security Capabilities

Smart Functions and Features

The intelligent capabilities of our devices allow for boosted security and a more versatile safety solution. Some examples of smart features include:

Facial Recognition

this technology is capable of identifying a person from a video frame.

Licence Plate Recognition

this system is capable of reading and reporting the characters of vehicle registration plates.

Intrusion Detection

this feature allows you to mark a virtual perimeter where, if crossed, the device will store a snapshot of the intruder and send you a notification.

Scene Change

the IP camera stores a reference image of the scene being monitored, if the camera is manipulated in anyway and the scene is changed, you are immediately notified.

Audio Detection

this function kicks in when audio is detected, it is then recorded and stored for you to listen to at any time.