IT Cabinet Management

Busicor's BUSI-CMS series environmental monitoring systems gives clients the ability to supervise and control their IT Network Infrastructure in the most safe and profitable way, by reducing the risk for operational interruptions with exact distribution of information from the UPS System, environmental sensors including temperatures, humidity, access & aircon control.

The BUSI-CMS environmental systems is also equipped with the Strikesorb SPD to provide you with fuseless & maintenance free surge protection to your critical equipment with the capability to automatically reset if a surge / lightning strike occur.

BUSI-CMS-M Configurations

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BUSI-CMS Surge Protection

The leading brand in intelligent monitoring and solutions offering the latest and best technology suited for individual requirements.


The BUSI-CMS range for environmental monitoring system for the IT industry.

BUSI-CMS Cabinet Management Systems & Control

Busicor's BUSI-CMS system in an all in one, total assets management system used to monitor and control remote or local equipment.

BUSI-CMS IT Cabinet Rack Mount Cabinet Monitoring System

Cabinet Maintenance Free Surge Protection that works!

UPS Configuration

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