Environmental Racking

We Have the Equipment to Provide Dynamic Environmental Racking Solutions
We Supply Modular Racking Systems with Operational Efficiency at its Core

BusiCor’s Environmental Racking Solution
  • 19” Standard Racking width
  • Climate controlled including temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Fire protection with fire & smoke monitoring & alerting
  • Access controlled with options of facial recognition, fingerprint or password protection
  • UPS back-up with monitored conditions to alert for mains failures, low battery & overloads
  • Expandable racks with a single cooling unit for reduced maintenance
Challenges Our clients face & Our Solution
Challenges Our clients face:
  • Space constraints
  • Cost of building a suitable server room
  • Mobility issues when leasing a building
  • Security concerns for physical infrastructure
  • Management of the data-environment
Our Solution:
  • Modular design allows for smaller footprint
  • Purchase, operational & maintenance costs are lower than server room
  • Server room is moveable
  • Accessed controlled
  • Smart device integration with web-interface allow rack management from nearly anywhere
BusiCor’s EV-RACK is the latest in a series of environmentally monitored and managed IT racking systems. With the challenges that face a data environment in mind, the EV-RACK has been developed to become the industry standard in managed racking systems.