BusiCor Building Monitoring System

BusiCor’s BMS system is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors mechanical and electrical equipment such as:

  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Power Systems
  • Fire Systems
  • Access Control and Security Systems

BusiCor’s custom designed BMS system is capable of displaying a vast range of in-store equipment statuses via the in-store touch screen interface or web server. Control is another capability of in-store management such as lighting brightness/dimming, power on/off of segmented sections in-store and various other applications.

An all in one, total asset management system to monitor & control remote or local equipment over your local network or the Internet.

BusiCor Building Monitoring System – What & How?

  • Real-time management of your equipment and BTS assets.
  • Ability to remotely view & reset your alarms.
  • All alarms, values, events can be stored for further reports.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • Password protection on all applications
  • View your status of your HVAC system from a centralised system
  • View & control your generator from your office
BMS for Energy Management
  • Energy is only consumed as needed
  • Only the amount of energy actually required is used
  • The energy used is employed at the highest possible degree of efficiency
  • Using the versatile functionality that intelligent building control offers means real energy savings can be made.
  • BMS enables significant contribution to global climate protection and at the same time reducing operating costs in today’s environment.
EWG-Ability (Electrical, Water, Gas)

Discover facility performances anytime, anywhere


Implement your strategy and reach the goal


Collect your data, analyse information and implement decisions


BusiCor’s EWG Ability™ System is based on a simple and integrated architecture, with self-configuring connection and guided commissioning that guarantees high flexibility of application. 

Alarm Management Systems

We Provide Alarm Management and Preventative Maintenance Systems
For Improved Maintenance Capabilities and Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring of Devices:

  • UPS providing power via Inverter / Battery
  • Battery % level & Charge Status
  • UPS alarm status
  • UPS output status: Normal / Bypassed  
Generator Monitoring

BusiCor’s BUSI-GEN series monitoring system gives clients the ability to monitor & control their back-power systems remotely via the Internet.

The BUSI-GEN provides real time data of your back-up power system consisting of volts, ampere, engine speed, battery volts, oil pressure reading, temperature readings, fuel levels etc.

Remotely start / stop the generator, clear alarms and ensure you make full use of your back-up power system.