Case Studies



Over the past few years, various South African Government Institutions has incurred considerable Opex costs and downtime with regards to their IT infrastructure, largely as a result of Class II surges and lightning hits. This has caused considerable damage to their IT equipment with some very expensive losses; this was in spite of the fact that they had surge protection installed. They found the existing protection system failed consistently with no indication of failure. Apart from the failure and loss of equipment, because of the interrupted power supply, this affected the backup system and consequently loss of information which posed a serious issue for these clients! Furthermore, the functionality of the system was affected in that the interruptions caused configuration problems which affected the quality information being produced and consequently, resulted in a poor, and in a lot of cases, no reports being generated.

Apart from the issues affecting the quality of the clients Information System, there were failures of their air-conditioning units, particularly at those sites located in the high temperature areas of South Africa. This also caused considerable loss of equipment which could have been prevented had the clients been in a position to monitor their equipment. Because they were unable to monitor their infrastructure, their understanding of the problems was non-existent.

Consequently trending was non-existent. Additional problems of resetting tripped breakers and unauthorised access to computer cabinets finally culminated in the clients having a serious look at their IT infrastructure, and what they were spending on it and how effective and efficient their infrastructure was and could be.


BusiCor, a company specialising in intelligent monitoring solutions customised to individual

requirements and offering the latest and best in technology, approached these clients to see how best they could assist them. After various meetings with various stakeholders within these South

African Government Institutions and site inspections, a fully customised solution was developed for them which included the following features:

  • Cabinet maintenance Free Surge Protection * that works*          
  • Operator effectiveness: Giving Operators’ the ability to supervise and control processes in the most efficient, safe and profitable way.          
  • Reduced downtime – the risk for operational interruptions and unplanned shutdowns is greatly reduced.          
  • Exact distribution and follow-up of maintenance costs since these are now reported according to the object that incurred them. This makes it much easier to compare the performance of equipment with the aim of optimising operating costs.

The leading name in intelligent monitoring and solutions offering The latest and best technology suited for individual requirements.The BusiCor (BUSI-CMS) system is an all in one total asset management system used to monitor and control remote or local equipment. The management system is equipped with surge protection ensuring cabinet equipment is protected from power surges and lightning. The Cabinet Management platform is capable of monitoring UPS’s, cabinet and room temperatures, air-conditioning, access control, IP cameras, mains voltages and surges.

The control function of the BusiCor (BUSI-CMS) system includes remotely resetting ‘tripped’ circuitbreakers via the internet.


The BusiCor system, after a short time of being implemented, had a considerable positive effect on these clients IT infrastructure. The following was achieved:

  •  Zero failure of power supplies of equipment
  •  Uninterrupted power supply
  •  Zero failures of network switches
  •  The ability to remotely switch the breakers (reducing downtime due to simple surge
    or overload)
  •  The ability to analyse the following: Eskom power, current. Power factor, KW,
    temperatures, access of the cabinets, surges, faults, all important to ensure the
    effective running of the IT network.
  •  Up time was increased to almost 100%
  •  The system is capable of handling multiple surges
  •  Cleaner power to the UPS
  •  Continuous protection of the UPS
  •  Remote rebooting of servers
  •  Significant reduction in maintenance / OPEX costs

The BusiCor system has given these clients the capability to understand and now monitor the power and infrastructure issues that was causing the system to fail.

This has reduced OPEX costs of the system and has increased up time, thus increasing the IT capabilities which are a critical part of these clients environment.

The system has reduced the time these clients recently spent on doing the asset management of the IT network. With the BusiCor system, information on each of the sites and the equipment installed can now be managed and monitored remotely.