Building Management Systems

Busicor’s BUSI-BMS series monitoring systems gives operators the ability to monitor & control your power infrastructure including power consumption, ventilation, fire systems, full generator monitoring & control, daylight harvesting, UPS monitoring and provides energy saving management.

Busicor’s custom designed (Client spec’d) BMS system is capable of displaying a vast range of in-store equipment activity/status’s via the in-store Touch screen interface or web server. All provide any alarm to your facility manager via SMS or email.

  • Monitor Lighting – ON/OFF/Brightness
  • Monitor Secured Areas – Doors/cabinets
  • Monitor UPS-Cabinet Temperature
  • Monitor Room Temperature
  • Monitor Freezer Rooms - Temperatures
  • Monitor Ovens - Temperatures
  • Monitor Mains: Voltage & Status
  • Monitor UPS: Failed / Battery Low / Mains Failure / ON/OFF / Bypassed.
  • Monitor Fire Panel Fault
  • Monitor Fire Panel Fire
  • Monitor Smoke Extract System Common Fault
  • Monitor Smoke Extract System Status
  • Monitor Air-conditioning Plant Common Fault Status
  • Monitor Refrigerator Temperature or Refrigerator status
  • Monitor Electric Fence Status
  • Monitor Fuel Station Pumps
  • Monitor Fuel Levels
  • Monitor Generator: Engine Speed / Fuel Level / Amps etc.
  • Control generator remotely
  • Control Lighting – On/Off
  • Control 10% Lighting Circuit via 0-10V Brightness Sensor if skylights installed
  • Control 50% Lighting Circuit via 0-10V Brightness Sensor if skylights installed
  • Control 100% Lighting Circuit via 0-10V Brightness Sensor if skylights installed

Our Programmable Controller -PLC is a digital computer used for automation/control of machinery and equipment.


  • Real time management of your equipment and BTS assets.
  • Ability to remotely view & reset your alarms.
  • All alarms, values, events can be stored for further reports.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • Password protection on all applications
  • View your status of your HVAC system from a centralized system
  • View & control your generator from your office

Busi-Vis 500 System Architecture

General information and components overview.

Busi-BMS Building Management System (BMS) Solutions

BusiCor's BMS system is a Computer based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors mechnical and electrical equipment

Busi-TMS Tower Mangement System

The intelligent tower solution platform by Busicor, is enabled with monitoring and control capabilities, allowing for total on-site displayes and remote control of assets.