BusiCor was established in 2006 and since then we have developed our company, brand and the core of our business to find more and improved solutions for all our clients. We are under new ownership and our approach to doing business has changed for the better. We focus on building relationships and growing with our partners more than anything else.

Our Edge

  • Level 2 BBBEE – We take transformation seriously
  • Proven Track Record – Our experience, our reputation, our edge
  • Long Term Customer Relationships – Partners with leaders
  • Unique Solutions - Niche IT enterprise and environmental solutions

Company Vision:

To be the leading brand in intelligent monitoring and solutions offering the latest and best technology suited for individual requirements.


To Integrate Information technologies for improved visibility and optimising plant asset availability and performance.

We Provide a Value-Added Suite of Services for Our Solutions:

  • We distribute & implement
  • We provide & develop systems for integration
  • We improve operator efficiency
  • We implement systems to reduce disturbance & unplanned downtime
  • We manufacture, install & commission customer specified systems
  • We design, manufacture & test systems for domestic & commercial applications

How we do it:


  • We consult with all the role players on behalf of the client.
  • By understanding the clients need, we develop systems to suite both the application & the budget.
  • We provide hands on training for precise distribution and follow-up of maintenance costs since these are now reported according to the object that incurred them. This makes it much easier to compare the performance of equipment with the aim of optimising operating costs.


  • Our products meet the latest EN, IEC & UL standards
  • Our surge protection products come with a 10 Year Warranty
  • We have a clear differential between conventional SPD product with a unique technical specification
  • Our products are designed for mission critical applications including transformers, generators & data centres
  • We have certified distributors throughout South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa

System Implementation

  • We provide fully customised monitoring solutions
  • We integrate information systems for improved visibility and to have the flexibility the client requires in order to assure continued operational requirements
  • We offer a range of solutions pertaining to systems and management solutions within the IT Infrastructure segment